by Aeschylus


In Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus writes of resistance against an all-powerful authority, of the political prisoner who will not surrender. There are more and more repressive governments that are quashing freedom movements. One can see the seeds of these autocratic movements in our own society. The jails are filling with people who have taken a democratic position and who will not give in.

Prometheus speaks for them.

To construct our dramaturgy we looked at many translations and built a text that is accessible to our audience but keeps the poetic quality and dynamics of the original.

This is our second foray into Antique theatre. Once again we are using all the possibilities we have at hand, marionettes, mask, music, dance and acting, to bring this great classic work to life.


KREATION DES TON UND KIRSCHEN THEATERS Joséphine Auffray, Margarete Biereye, Francesco Bifano, Regis Gergouin, David Johnston, Rob Wyn Jones, Nelson Leon, Daisy Watkiss

ARTISTIC DIRECTION Margarete Biereye & David Johnston

PHOTOGRAPHY von Régis Gergouin

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