The Ton und Kirschen Theater spans three generations and the times in which we now live have given it cause to change the title of its new project. Instead of JUBILÄUM, it will henceforth be known as THE OPEN DOOR, providing, in the international theatre company’s view, a far truer representation of its self-conception.


For thirty years it has played – with a few exceptions – in the open air, during the day or in the evening. It has erected its stage in plain sight in various environments, including cities, villages and fields. Our “door” has always been open, and we consider ourselves fortunate that it can remain so.


The project THE OPEN DOOR, gives each performer the opportunity to trace their own experiences with a view to giving them shape. On this subject, we will also draw inspiration from authors such as Shakespeare, Franz Kafka, Joseph Roth, Euripides, Erich Fried, Lewis Caroll, a fairy tale by Charles Perrault, Rainer Maria Rilke and Gabriel Gárcia Márquez have also inspired us on this theme.


It's a creation in which we will convey important themes to the audience by a variety of means – and close up, in order to forge a shared experience of them.


A CREATION OF THE TON UND KIRSCHEN THEATER Margarete Biereye, Julie Biereye, Regis Gergouin, David Johnston, Rob Wyn Jones, Nelson Leon, Zina Méziat, Daisy Watkiss

ARTISTIC DIRECTION Margarete Biereye & David Johnston

PHOTOGRAPHY by Jean-Pierre Estournet


MAZ, Kerstin Beck, September 2022

"As always, it was excellent" said Annemarie Schramm, chairperson of the Nettelbeck Cultural Association, praising the performance: "You have to look closely and pay attention so that you understand everything, but that's what's interesting. Another visitor summed it up: "They are so different from other theatre groups, that's why we are drawn here every year." The six eleven-year-old girls, who were still giggling after seeing the first play of their lives at the beginning, also affirmed: "We'll be back next year".


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